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SEC Filings
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD filed this Form 6-K on 03/01/2018
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Elbit’s values caused Elbit to emphasize the welfare of its employees and their importance to Elbit’s success, including its Executive Officers, since the Executive Officers are tasked with leading the implementation of the Company’s strategy and driving its day-to-day behavior and decisions. Elbit believes that excellent people are the key to achieving its vision and therefore employs a world-class, motivated, team-spirited workforce, creating a dynamic atmosphere in which employees may flourish and reach their highest potential.
Compensation Objectives
The Compensation Policy, as approved by the Compensation Committee and the Board, is a reflection of the long-time practices and strategy of Elbit and is intended to align with Elbit’s strategy to attract, motivate and retain highly experienced personnel who will provide leadership for Elbit’s success and act in the best interest of the Company and its stakeholders while supporting a performance culture that is based on merit, differentiates and rewards excellent performance, while recognizing Elbit’s core values. To that end, this Policy is designed, among other purposes:
To promote attraction, retention and motivation of Executive Officers: Elbit competes with local and global companies to attract and retain highly skilled professionals with the necessary capabilities to promote creativity, manage its complex business and worldwide operations and execute its strategy. To that end, this Policy aims to provide Elbit’s Executive Officers with a structured compensation package, including competitive salaries, performance-motivating cash and equity-based incentive programs and benefits, in order to promote retention and provide each Executive Officer with motivation to advance within the organization;

To incentivize superior individual excellence: Elbit aims to incentivize its Executive Officers by creating a strong link between their compensation and performance. Therefore, a portion of the total compensation package provided to Elbit’s Executive Officers is based on measures that reflect Elbit’s short and long-term goals and performance, as well as the Executive Officer’s individual performance and the impact on the Company's value. In order to strengthen such link, Elbit defines clear, measurable quantitative and qualitative objectives that, together, are designed to improve Company results;

To align the interests of the Executive Officers with the long-term performance of the Company: In order to motivate Executive Officers to focus on long-term objectives and performance of the Company, a portion of the compensation package granted to Elbit’s Executive Officers is awarded in the form of equity-based compensation, thus creating a direct link between the interests of Executive Officers and the long-term performance of the Company; and

To provide a risk management tool: This Policy is structured in a manner that creates an incentive to deliver high performance (both short and long-term) while taking into account Elbit’s risk management philosophy and avoiding undue pressure to take excessive risks, thus encouraging a balanced and effective risk taking approach. Elbit’s compensation elements are designed to reduce incentives to expose the Company to imprudent risks that may harm Elbit or its shareholders in the short and long-term. This is achieved by using tools such as (i) placing maximum thresholds on eligibility for short and long-term incentives; (ii) using compensation vehicles with diverse performance measures; (iii) granting equity-based compensation that has long-term vesting schedules, which tie the awards to a longer performance cycle; and (iv) requiring clawback of compensation payments in certain circumstances.

The Compensation Policy is intended to provide a framework which is broad enough to allow the Compensation Committee, the Board and the CEO, as applicable, to determine a personal compensation plan or a certain compensation component for each of Elbit’s Executive Officers, in light of the specific circumstances and the requirements of the Company, which would be in the best interests of the Company, its employees, its shareholders and other stakeholders, all in accordance with Elbit’s long-term strategy as provided in this Compensation Policy.

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