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SEC Filings
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD filed this Form 6-K on 03/01/2018
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her objectives on an half year basis and provided that the amount paid shall not exceed a sum equal to 50% of the respective Target Annual Bonus ("EVP's Advance Payment").
In the event that on the Annual Determination Date the Compensation Committee determines that any paid EVP's Advance Payment exceeded the amount of the EVP's Annual Bonus for that fiscal year, the respective EVP shall return the excess amount within thirty (30) days from the Annual Determination Date.
Pro Rata Annual Bonus Payments
Should the employment of an Executive Officer terminate prior to the end of a fiscal year, the Company may pay such Executive Officer his or her pro rata share of that year’s Annual Bonus, based on the period such Executive Officer was employed by the Company.
Managerial Evaluation Bonus
Elbit may grant an EVP an annual managerial evaluation bonus in an amount of up to three (3) Monthly Base Salaries ("Managerial Evaluation Bonus"). Managerial Evaluation Bonuses will be awarded based on the recommendation of the CEO and the approval of the Compensation Committee and the Board on the grounds, among others, of non-financial qualitative individual performance measures, and taking into consideration the EVP's long-term contribution to the Company and his or her performance during the fiscal year for which such Managerial Evaluation Bonus is granted. Managerial Evaluation Bonuses may be granted to EVPs in addition to their respective Annual Bonuses.
Special Bonus
In order to respond effectively to events or occurrences that may have a special positive impact on the Company and are the result of special efforts or achievements of an EVP, Elbit may, with the approval of the Compensation Committee and the Board, grant its EVPs a special cash bonus as an award for special achievements (such as, but not limited to, in connection with securities offerings or generating extraordinary profit), based on quantitative criteria which shall be determined by the Compensation Committee and Board ("Special Bonus").
The Special Bonus for an individual EVP, shall not exceed the higher of (i) 1% of the added value generated to the Company in light of the EVP’s contribution as reflected from a valuation conducted by the Company or (ii) 12 Monthly Base Salaries. Special Bonus may be granted to EVPs in addition to an Annual Bonus and/or a Managerial Evaluation Bonus paid pursuant to this Compensation Policy, provided that the aggregate amounts payable to an EVP as Annual Bonus, Managerial Evaluation Bonus and Special Bonus shall not exceed in the aggregate an amount equal to fifteen (15) Monthly Base Salaries.
Signing Bonus
At the Compensation Committee’s and Board’s discretion, Elbit may grant a newly recruited EVP a signing bonus ("Signing Bonus"). The Signing Bonus will not exceed six (6) Monthly Base Salaries of the EVP. In the event the employment of that EVP is terminated within twenty-four (24) months from the start date of employment, Elbit may elect to recover the Signing Bonus in full or in part, at the Compensation Committee’s and Board’s discretion.
Compensation Recovery (“Clawback”)
In the event of an accounting restatement which is not the result of changes in applicable financial reporting standards, Elbit shall be entitled, unless the Compensation Committee and the Board has determined that in the specific case it would be impossible, impractical or not commercially or legally feasible, to recover from its Executive Officers the bonus compensation, net of taxes, which exceeded the amount which would have been paid under the financial statements, as restated, provided that such restatement has occurred within 36 months of the bonus payment. The manner of recovery, including making payment in installments, date of payments, linkage, etc., shall be determined by the Compensation Committee and the Board.
Nothing herein shall derogate from any other “clawback” or similar provisions regarding disgorging of profits imposed on Executive Officers by virtue of applicable laws.

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