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SEC Filings
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD filed this Form 6-K on 03/01/2018
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Equity-Based Compensation
Any equity-based compensation plan of the Company for its employees that includes Elbit’s Executive Officers ("Company Equity-Based Compensation Plan") will be designed in a manner consistent with the underlying Company's objectives, with its main goals being to enhance the alignment between the Executive Officers’ interests and the long-term interests of Elbit and its shareholders, and to strengthen the retention and the motivation of Executive Officers in the long term. In addition, since equity-based awards are structured to vest over a period of several years, their incentive value to recipients is aligned with longer-term strategic plans.
The equity-based awards under a Company Equity-Based Compensation Plan may be granted from time to time to an Executive Officer and be individually determined and awarded taking into consideration the performance, qualifications, role and the personal responsibilities of the Executive Officer.
The equity-based awards offered by Elbit to its Executive Officers during the term of this Compensation Policy may be in a form of share options both regular options and/or under a cashless mechanism, subject to applicable laws including the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance [New Version] of 1961 as may from time to time be amended (the "Ordinance" and the terms of such Company Equity Based Compensation for its Executive Officers will be such as required for compliance with Section 102 of the Ordinance, under the "capital gain tax route", and other rights granted with respect to such Options as well as compliance with the Israeli Income Tax Rules (Tax Relief in Issuance of Shares to Employees) 2003, as amended from time to time.
The exercise/grant price of an equity-based award granted to an Executive Officer under a Company Equity- Based Compensation Plan shall be the higher of: (a) the average price of Elbit’s shares listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in the thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Board’s resolution with regards to the grant ("Date of the Board's Resolution"; or (b) the price of Elbit's shares listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on the last trading day preceding the Date of the Board's Resolution. The exercise/grant price as aforesaid will be determined in U.S. Dollars.
All equity-based awards granted to Executive Officers shall be subject to vesting periods determined to promote long-term retention of the awarded Executive Officers. Grants to Executive Officers shall vest gradually over a minimal period of five (5) years, where the first portion of equity-based compensation will vest at least two (2) years following the later of (the "Grant Date"): (i) the Date of the Board’s Resolution; (ii) the first trading day after a period of thirty (30) days has elapsed from the date the Company has filed with the Israeli Tax Authorities the Company Equity-Based Plan under which the respective equity-based award is granted; or (iii) where applicable - the date on which the required corporate approvals allowing such grant have been obtained. The aggregate exercise period of equity-based awards granted to Executive Officers shall be determined in accordance with the Company's Equity-Based Compensation Plan, and shall not exceed a period of ten (10) years from the Grant Date.
The Company Equity-Based Compensation Plan may include customary terms with regards to equity based awards granted, including customary adjustments for dividends, bonus shares, capital modifications (reverse stock split, stock split, etc.), rights offering restructuring (split, merger, etc.), and the like. In addition, such Company Equity-Based Plan may include terms and conditions allowing, subject to approvals by the Compensation Committee and the Board, acceleration, continued vesting and exercisability of equity based awards as well as post termination exercise period for vested options following termination of employment of Executive Officers for no cause, or as a result of death or disability.
The aggregate benefit embedded in equity based awards granted under a Company Equity Based Compensation Plan during the period of this Compensation Policy, calculated in accordance with an acceptable valuation method (such as the Monte Carlo, Black-Scholes and Binominal options pricing models), at the date of grant, shall not exceed, with respect to the CEO, the amount of $900,000, per year and with respect to an EVP an amount of $500,000, per year.
During the term of this Compensation Policy, the maximum dilution as a result of equity-based awards granted to Elbit’s Executive Officers under Company Equity-Based Compensation Plans shall not exceed 3% of Elbit’s issued and outstanding share capital, on a fully-diluted basis.
In order to respond to the unique situations of establishment of new start-up companies or similar ventures held by the Company from time to time, and in order to incentivize Elbit’s Executive Officers over the long term with regards to their activities in connection with such start-up companies or similar ventures, Elbit may, with the approval of the Compensation Committee and the Board, grant its Executive Officers, or agree to such grant, shares and/or options to purchase shares in such start-up entities or ventures (whether by allocation of options by the start-up entities themselves or by allocation of shares or options to purchase shares of such start-up entities from the shares or options in such entities which are held by the Company).

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