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SEC Filings
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD filed this Form 6-K on 03/01/2018
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Reduction of Variable Compensation
Subject to the terms of the employment agreements and arrangements with the Company's Executive Officers and the rights embedded therein as well as to applicable law, the Compensation Committee and the Board may reduce any Variable Compensation to be granted to an Executive Officer due to circumstances determined by the Compensation Committee and the Board.

Retirement and Termination of Service Arrangements
Severance Pay
For Executive Officers who have served in the Company (including in any of the Company’s subsidiaries) for at least ten (10) years, Elbit may provide, upon termination of employment of an Executive Officer (excluding termination for cause entitling the Company to terminate employment without severance pay pursuant to applicable law), in addition to the amounts provided by law, severance pay as follows:
In the case of the CEO - an amount equivalent to the last paid Monthly Base Salary multiplied by the years of employment with the Company.
In the case of an EVP - up to 50% of the amount resulting from multiplying the last paid Monthly Base Salary by the years of employment with the Company.
Advanced Notice Period
Elbit may provide an Executive Officer advance notice of termination of up to six (6) months, during which period such Executive Officer will be entitled to receive his or her Monthly Base Salary and Benefits and, unless otherwise determined by the Company, be required to continue to perform his or her duties.
The Company may also grant such Executive Officer all or part of his or her Annual Bonus and the advance period will be considered for the purpose of the vesting period for any equity-based awards granted to the Executive Officer under a Company Equity-Based Compensation Plan.
Adjustment Period/Retirement Grant
For Executive Officers who have served in the Company for at least three (3) years, Elbit may provide an adjustment period ("Adjustment Period") of, or a one-time retirement grant ("Retirement Grant") equivalent to, up to six (6) months during which such Executive Officer may receive, in the case of the CEO, six (6) Monthly Base Salaries plus Benefits and in the case of an EVP - up to six (6) Monthly Base Salaries.
The Company may determine to pay the amounts payable for the Adjustment Period as aforesaid as a one-time Retirement Grant or in monthly payments, at the Company's discretion.
The total periods or amounts payable for Severance Pay, Advanced Notice and/or Adjustment Period/Retirement Grant to be paid to an Elbit’s EVP as aforesaid shall be determined taking into consideration his or her seniority in the Company, performance during employment, contribution to Elbit achieving its goals and the circumstances of retirement or termination.
The amounts payable for Severance Pay and/or Adjustment Period/ Retirement Grant exceeding the amounts required by law, may be granted in consideration for the Executive Officer’s undertaking to refrain from competing with Elbit for a certain period of time following termination.

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