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Elbit Systems Ltd.
Advanced Technology Center
P.O.B 539, Haifa 31053, Israel

Tel: +972 77 2940000
Fax: +972 77 2950000

Company Overview

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We are an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of programs throughout the world, primarily in the defense and homeland security arenas. We develop and supply a broad portfolio of airborne, land and naval systems and products for defense, homeland security and commercial applications.  Our systems and products are installed on new platforms, and we also perform comprehensive platform modernization programs.  In addition, we provide a range of support services.

                       Our major activities include:

  • military aircraft and helicopter systems;
  • commercial aviation systems and aerostructures;
  • unmanned aircraft systems and unmanned surface vessels;
  • electro-optic, night vision and and countermeasures systems;
  • land vehicle systems;
  • munitions;
  • command, control, communications, computer,intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and cyber systems;
  • electronic warfare and signal intelligence systems; and
  • other commercial activities.

                       Many of these major activities have a number of common and related elements. Therefore, certain of our subsidiaries, divisions or other operating units often jointly conduct marketing, research and development, manufacturing, performance of programs, sales and after sales support among these major activities.


                       Principal Market Environment

                       There have been recent increased budgetary allocations in the defense and homeland security areas in the U.S. and certain European and Asia-Pacific countries, but reduced budgetary allocations in certain Latin American and other countries.  The nature of military and homeland security actions in recent years, including low intensity conflicts and ongoing terrorist activities, tensions with countries such as Iran and North Korea, as well as budgetary pressures to focus on leaner but more technically advanced forces, has shifted defense and homeland security priorities for many of our major customers. As a result we believe there is an increasing demand for technological solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence, Big Data analytics and information assurance, as well as a continued demand in the areas of C4ISR systems, cyber-defense systems, network centric information systems, intelligence gathering systems, border and perimeter security systems, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), unmanned surface vessels (USVs), remote controlled systems, precision munitions, vehicle survivability and protection systems, space and satellite based defense capabilities and homeland security solutions. Moreover, there is a continuing demand for cost effective logistic support and training and simulation services. We believe our synergistic approach of finding solutions that combine elements of our various activities positions us to meet evolving customer requirements in many of these areas.

                       We tailor and adapt our technologies, integration skills, market knowledge and operationally-proven systems to each customer’s requirements in both existing and new platforms. By upgrading existing platforms with advanced technologies, we provide customers with cost-effective solutions, and our customers are able to improve their technological and operational capabilities within limited  budgets. Our experience in providing “systems of systems” enables us to provide overall solutions in a range of areas to meet our customers’ comprehensive defense, homeland security and safety needs.


Elbit Systems shares are traded on the Nasdaq National Market (NASDAQ) under the symbol “ESLT” and on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

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